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Accessories Are the Exclamation Point of an Outfit

Designer Wraps has been around for a while now, so we have a pretty good idea about what looks good. Our piece of advice to you? Accessories are the make-or-break component of an outfit. Match your socks or messenger bag with an accent color in your logo, and all of a sudden people can’t look away.

Explore our offerings below, then let our (award-winning) graphic designers handle the rest.

Call us or email us at as soon as you are ready to get started. The design process, along with printing, can take a while. We want you looking good in time.

How Do I Get Started?

If you’re interested in customizing accessories for your team, business, or self-indulgence, start by selecting apparel solutions from our vendors that match your needs. Of course you are welcome to navigate elsewhere on the site, but these are our recommended picks for accessories:

What Specifics Does Designer Wraps Need?

In a nutshell, it depends on your project. But generally, our favorite customers have their sizes, colors, and quantities picked out, along with a general idea of what designs they would like.

Lots of times accessories are one-size-fits-all. That’s no problem, and in that case, a size isn’t necessary.

If you know any other information in advance, it’s the cherry on top.

How Much Will It Cost?

We know our customers like to know the price up front. Unfortunately this is not possible in areas with this much customization, but we offer free quotes to our customers. Include as much information as you can, and we’ll get back to you in a hurry.

Questions? Concerns? We know there is a lot to choose from – contact us today.

How Do I Order Accessories?

Now that you have all your items picked out, the next step is getting your information to Designer Wraps. Give us a call or email us at with your contact information, along with any details about your order.

Let’s create something awesome!

Contact us today for a free consultation or price quote


Contact us today for a
free consultation or price quote